Article Writer

The article writer is a powerful AI module that makes Yazo a unique solution among existing AI content generators available on the market. With Article Writer you can quickly and easily create very long and high-quality articles for your blog and website. However, you can also use the Article Writer to write essays, research papers, etc.

To get started, select Article Writer from the main application menu on the left. A new page will appear in front of you.

Here is an overview of all available input fields and their meanings:

ARTICLE TITLE: enter the name under which article (document) will be stored in the database. For example “Who was Nikola Tesla?”.

KEYWORDS: in order for the artificial intelligence to provide the most accurate and high-quality result (text) related to our topic, it is advisable to enter as many words as possible to define the output data. Small and informative phrases/key points help the AI ​​to effectively understand your intentions and generate the most accurate result. In our specific example, it can be “Nikola Tesla, scientist, biography”, or for example “ecology, recycling, waste separation, water protection” if you are writing a text about ecology, etc. If you want output results related to a book, scientific paper, film or entertainment content, it is preferable to enter the title and author in the original form.

TONE: As a user, you have 7 tones to choose from: friendly, informative, classy, ​​etc. In order to add personality to your content and “weight” to the output data, we recommend filling in this field. This function also gives AI additional information with which it can generate even better text. Keep in mind that if you select “professional” you may need to spend some time fine-tuning the factual accuracy of your generated text.

When you select/enter the required data in the “Article Writer”, you can finish by pressing the “Generate Section Headings” button. After the headings generation is completed, the “wizard” prints out the article headings that the AI ​​created according to our entered data on the given topic.

Headings can be moved, deleted added. It is also possible to request the creation of new heading, or to edit existing headings, which allows you to further customize output text. If the presented headings satisfy you, you can continue the process of creating the output text by pressing the button “Generate Talking Points”, and then move on to “Generate Paragraphs”.

After generating the paragraph, Yazo offers a possible blog text template as the final output text. Before the final creation of the text, we are also offered the option of renewing (regenerating) the text if we are not satisfied with the displayed one. If the proposed output text is in accordance with our expectations or meets and fulfills the given topic, we end the process of creating the text by pressing the “Finish” button.

Finally, a generated text appears in front of us with the title we entered at the beginning and written according to our preferences. At the bottom of the generated text, we can see how many words and characters our text consists of. The document is automatically saved in the database and can be accessed by clicking on “My projects” in the main menu.