Yazo Chat

Chat is a unique interactive form of communication that allows users to engage in an online conversation with generative artificial intelligence (AI) in real time. Unlike other Yazo application modules, such as email template or article writer, Chat allows you to instantly exchange information with AI. This immediacy makes Chat an ideal form of communication for a wide range of uses, from casual conversations with AI to writing complex texts or even solving programming problems in real time.

Working in the Chat module is very simple. In the left main menu, clicking on the Chat button opens a window with a title message and a field where you can enter the message you want to send to the AI.

By clicking on the blue button with the paper airplane icon, you send the message to your interlocutor – Yazo AI. Next to that button there is a button that opens a window in which you can enter the details of the chat (name or topic of the conversation in question). At the edge of the screen you will find a button that opens the text editor field. You can copy the generated answers to the editor by pressing the “Add to editor” button, where you can edit them using tools from the toolbar.