Yazo allows you to connect external services to export your generated content. Right now, Yazo only supports exporting content to WordPress. On this page you can find instructions how to connect your WordPress website to Yazo and quickly publish AI-generated content on your website.

WordPress Integration

To connect your WordPress website to Yazo, go to your Profile Settings, click on Integrations tab, and then click on Connect button.

A new popup window will appear, asking you to provide your WordPress Application Credentials. These include your website’s URL, your WordPress application username, and your WordPress application password.

To create a new WordPress application password, login to your WordPress administrator dashboard, and in the main menu located on the left click Users, and then All Users. A new page will open.

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On this page you can see a list of all users that are currently associated with your WordPress website. Click on the username of the user account that you wish to connect to Yazo. Write down the username of the account for which you will create application password, because you will need it to connect to Yazo.

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A new page will open. Here you can edit all the data associated with your WordPress account. Scroll down until you see Application Passwords section.

In the New Application Password Name field enter the name of your application (i.e. Yazo). After that, click on the Add New Application Password button.

WordPress will now generate a new application password for you. It should be a string consisting of six groups of characters. Copy the whole application password, and store it somewhere. Do not delete whitespaces inside the password.

After that, return to Yazo integrations page, and enter all the necessary data that you just obtained. See below image for reference.

After you have successfully connected your WordPress website to Yazo, open one of your documents in the Projects archive, click on the WordPress icon in the text editor toolbar, and then click Export.

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And voilĂ ! You have successfully connected your WordPress website to Yazo.