Team Members

Each Yazo plan includes different number of user seats. With our Team plan, 3 user seats are available. If you need more user seats, please reach out to for more information.

Adding team members

  • Click on the team icon on the bottom of the side navbar and open up the Teams tab.
  • Click on the team for which you wish to add a new team member
  • Click on the “Invite Colleagues” button and fill out the form
  • If you are invited to a team, join the team by opening the link and using the email you would like to use.

User permissions

All team members can view projects inside team account. However, only account owner and team admins can delete projects. Team admins can change member roles. Account owner has status of super admin, and can both assign or delete team admins and team members.

Deleting team members

Only admins on the account have the ability to delete team members. What you’ll want to do is ask the admin on the account to delete the member. If you are the admin, please follow all these steps listed below:

  • Navigate to the team page.
  • Click the three dots to the far right of the row of team member you wish to delete.
  • Click “Delete” button.
  • The deleted team member will receive email message that they can no longer access your Yazo team account. If you have any questions about this process, please email